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Building limes have been used as the principal binder for mortars and plasters for thousands of years. They were the principal binders for the major building and civil engineering projects of the Roman Empire over 2,000 years ago.

Lime continued in use as one of the principal binders for all forms of constructions, including houses, castles, cathedrals, bridges, harbours and other structures and for their internal and external decoration until the development of Portland cement in the mid-late nineteenth century.

It is important to use lime for the repair of these structures; modern materials are too strong and not permeable enough and can damage the fabric.

Lime is also eco-friendly, it absorbs carbon dioxide during its curing so new buildings erected with lime have lower carbon foot prints; lime also allows for building materials such as stone and brick to be recycled, the ultimate in green building.

The Building Limes Forum facilitates the exchange of experience, information and opinion amongst its members. Members form a community of lime enthusiasts and practitioners, many of whom are producers, suppliers, specifiers or users of lime.

Our members include Lime Producers, Architects, Engineers, Conservators, Surveyors, Builders, Masons, Plasterers, Craftsmen and -women, Academics, Geologists, Archaeologists, Conservation Officers, building owners and others. Membership provides access to this wide body of accumulated experience and expertise and an opportunity to share your own knowledge.

The Building Limes Forum holds an annual conference and gathering. This informal and friendly three-day event consists of the presentation of papers on the use of lime from users, specifiers, academics and historians, practical demonstrations in the use of lime, and visits to places of lime-related interest. Other events, one-day seminars and hands-on lime days, are also held, often in collaboration with other organisations.

Membership of the Building Limes Forum is open to all, no expertise or experience in the use of lime in building is required.

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Lime Green Products Site Visit and Tour (Saturday, 25 November 2023)

Visit Lime Green Products and experience how the production of ready mixed mortars happens, visit their quality control laboratory and see a brand new machine that can mix fibres through lime mortar without them clumping!


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Members of the Building Limes Forum form a community of lime enthusiasts and practitioners, most of whom are producers, suppliers, specifiers or users of lime.

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