Masonry Construction

    Practical Stone Masonry By P R Hill and J C E David

    Covers the basic methods of working stone, the making of specialized tools, and, for the first time, a full analysis of the procedures for setting-out for repairs.

    1995, 288 pages

    Modern Practical Masonry By Edmund George Warland

    An essential reference for stone masons and conservation practitioners working with historic buildings.

    1929 (facsimile 2006) 368 pages

    Irish Stone Walls By Patrick McAfee

    A practical look at all the regional varieties and how to build each type. The only number one bestseller on the BLF bookstall.

    1997, 24cm, 175 pages, heavily illustrated, hardback

    Gauged Brickwork: A Technical Handbook By Gerard Lynch

    This practical handbook for superior brickwork combines simple diagrams and photographs to describe each stage of the process, from rubbing, cutting and shaping the bricks to laying and carving them.

    2006, 25cm, 224 pages, many illustrations, hardback.

    The History of Guaged Brickwork By Gerard Lynch

    The history and use of cut, rubbed and gauged brickwork, the use of tools and equipment and the differences between historic and contemporary bricks with a view to inform conservation and restoration decisions.

    2007, 464 pages, many illustrations, hardback.

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    Brickwork Repair and Restoration By W.G. Nash

    A text book for craftsmen.

    1989 (2nd ed.), A4, 66 pages, 70 figures

    Conservation of Brick By John Warren

    Technique, science and philosophy for specifiers and conservers.

    1999, 25cm, 294 pages, many illustrations, hardback.

    Brickwork: History Technology and Practice By Gerard Lynch

    An in depth guide to all aspects of brickwork and bricklaying practice.

    1994, 456 pages in two hardback vols.

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