Earth Construction

    Building with Lime Stabilized Soil by Stafford Holmes and Bee Rowan

    As well as setting out methods for using soil and other local materials in the construction of new housing in rural communities affected by climate disaster, this book also describes their use in repairs to historic buildings.

    Practical Action Publication, 2021. 280 pages, available HB, PB and e-book

    Building with Earth: A Handbook By John Norton

    Very practical and inspiring. This is what you do.

    1997 (2nd ed.) 24.5cm, 78 pages, fully illustrated.

    Earth Construction: A Comprehensive Guide By Hugo Houben and Hubert Guillaud

    1989, 25cm, 362 pages, countless illustrations.

    Building with Cob: A Step-by-step Guide By Adam Weismann & Katy Bryce

    A step-by-step guide to the ancient method of cob building using a simple mixture of clay sub-soil, aggregate, straw and water to create solid structural walls built without shuttering or forms.

    2006, 256 pages, fully illustrated.

    Earth Structures and Construction in Scotland By Bruce Walker, Christopher McGregor and Rebecca Little

    Historic Scotland Technical Advice Note 6. A wide ranging study of all aspects relating to earth structures, their recognition and conservation.

    1996, A4, 128 pages, densely illustrated.

    Scottish Turf Construction Historic Scotland Technical Advice Note 30.

    All aspects of turf construction in Scotland from the material itself, methods of building and tools used, maintenance and conservation, case studies.

    2006, A4, 92 pages, illustrated.

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