Building Limes Forum Australia & New Zealand Chapter

The Australia and New Zealand Chapter of the Building Limes Forum was launched in September 2013 in Dublin. We hope that in time the Forum will be strong enough in Australia to become an independent group. Meanwhile, membership and hosting of this web-page, are managed by the BLF Administration.

The Australia & New Zealand Chapter maintains close links with the Building Limes Forum and the Building Limes Forum Ireland. The Australian Chapter aims to publish a local newsletter, hopefully twice a year, hold events, and share information about current and historic use of lime in Australia.

Newsletter Vol3 No1, February 2017.  2016 Conference & Gathering in LIverpool, UK; Shell Lime at Lennox Bridge by Nicola Ashurst; Traditional Trades by Scott McMillan; Historic Australian Limekilns; news and notices.

Newsletter Vol2 No2, December 2015.  2015 Conference & Gathering in the UK; Susac Lime Kilns, Wanneroo, WA; Lime in the Pacific; Brigg’s Kiln, Carine, WA; Duffy’s Lime Kiln, Mornington Penninsula; news and notices.

Newsletter No 2, May 2014. 2014 Conference & Gathering in the UK, WA ICOMOS Lime Mortar Seminar, Sydney Millers Point Workshop, visit of Gerard Lynch from UK, limes cement and aggregates in NSW, historic kilns, lime burning at Sydney Opera House, news and notices.

Newsletter No1, December 2013. Australian Chapter launched, Report on Dublin Gathering, Proposed kiln at Garra NSW, hair in plasterwork by Mark Goodchild, The NSW Public Works Sands Library, heritage kilns, news and notices.